• Studii astrologice personalizate

  • Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10th, 2017 and stays there until November 8th, 2018. Jupiter is a planet of expansion, of growth, a planet representing optimism, luck, progress, wisdom, higher knowledge.

    Scorpio is a fixed Water sign, a sign of extreme emotions, of fears, a sign representing the depth of our soul and our capacity to evolve through transformation, our capacity of illumination through confronting the darkness inside ourselves.

    Scorpio is like a personal Hades where the greatest of the gods, Jupiter, descends in order to bring in the light of consciousness what frightens us the most about ourselves. That’s how we enrich our perspective about the world and about ourselves. Or maybe now it is the best moment for a change of perspective on what we consider to be the darkness of our own soul. It is less probable to become depressed or pessimistic, but we have the chance to distill the venom into a healing potion, into an ethic of fusion with others and with the Universe which involves purification by confronting the inner demons. Jupiter’s lightning bolts of knowledge, of intuition and of truth blow the depth of our psyche. Jupiter will sow the fertile lands within us with the seeds of a higher understanding of emotions, the same emotions which have the power to change us.

    In Pluto’s realms, the evolution is done through dissolution, through reducing ourselves to the strongest of essences, by striping away the superficial, the useless things we diligently gathered both materially and psychologically.

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