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  • Jupiter in Scorpio – lightning of knowledge in the depth of the psyche

    10 octombrie 2017 | blog | Astrolog Ada Cocoș
  • Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10th, 2017 and stays there until November 8th, 2018. Jupiter is a planet of expansion, of growth, a planet representing optimism, luck, progress, wisdom, higher knowledge.

    Scorpio is a fixed Water sign, a sign of extreme emotions, of fears, a sign representing the depth of our soul and our capacity to evolve through transformation, our capacity of illumination through confronting the darkness inside ourselves.

    Scorpio is like a personal Hades where the greatest of the gods, Jupiter, descends in order to bring in the light of consciousness what frightens us the most about ourselves. That’s how we enrich our perspective about the world and about ourselves. Or maybe now it is the best moment for a change of perspective on what we consider to be the darkness of our own soul. It is less probable to become depressed or pessimistic, but we have the chance to distill the venom into a healing potion, into an ethic of fusion with others and with the Universe which involves purification by confronting the inner demons. Jupiter’s lightning bolts of knowledge, of intuition and of truth blow the depth of our psyche. Jupiter will sow the fertile lands within us with the seeds of a higher understanding of emotions, the same emotions which have the power to change us.

    In Pluto’s realms, the evolution is done through dissolution, through reducing ourselves to the strongest of essences, by striping away the superficial, the useless things we diligently gathered both materially and psychologically.

    Maybe quite often Pluto’s intervention is felt like being reduced to nothing, we become shadows and we cannot hide behind our success and power. But this is how we should better understand the concept which says that in order to be reborn you should have the courage to die first.

    That’s why the presence of Jupiter in Pluto’s home could mean we should radically redefine our ideology, our beliefs, the moral interface which makes us different from animals. This means both one’s philosophy of life and those beliefs related to Scorpio themes: possessiveness, co-dependency, joint ventures, taxes, the capability to bring emotions, goods together with others’, love and sexuality/intimacy. Restructuring our beliefs does not come easily. Most probably what we experience will trigger the storm of deep emotions, especially negative ones, those we fear to admit and to manage. But Jupiter offers the power of abstract thinking together with the ability to extract a higher meaning from each trouble or weakness.

    Jupiter’s transit in Scorpio may bring a certain openness towards taboo or difficult issues; we may work fueled with more optimism to integrate the most difficult sides of our personality or the darker sides of life. We may feel the need to understand how we function even looking from unpleasant angles.

    The Reverse of the Medal

    Jupiter is not famous only for the good stuff, the planet signifies excess as well. Therefore, Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio may increase the need for power, the obsessions, an urge to manipulate others or to think that „the end justifies the means.” Truth may become an obsession and each of us will manage it according to his/her own level of understanding.

    Some people may be tempted to get more credit to spend, instead of paying old debts, pushing the luck too much or hoping that others will somehow help them. Windfalls are very possible and some people may believe it will keep coming so they will keep spending more and more and more, but not for what’s really necessary.

    Scorpio’s view on life is “all or nothing” and Jupiter has a lot to do with the art of risk taking, sometimes in a constructive manner, sometimes betting all on the good fortune. That’s why we may see both leaders, politicians and normal people trying to score big and easy, sometimes breaking the law or trusting a Ponzi scheme. Greed may blind some people, but if we manage to connect to the higher energy of planet Jupiter and of Scorpio we will be inspired to make a good investment or enjoy a great passive income.

    Instead of a Conclusion

    I’m pretty sure that all of you remember at least a horror movie when during a huge midnight storm the electricity gets cut off. In that moment, in the flickering lights of the sky, one could see all kinds of ghosts, demons or other less benevolent entities. In the few seconds of light many things may appear to be scary if we glance over our shoulder fearfully and not with the curiosity of someone who wants to understand. Otherwise, not few were the films in which the ghost from the dark did not want to scare anyone, but to tell its story, the story of a trauma, or of its own death. Only in this way could the ghost get into the light.

    That is why I think that during this transit we should listen to our own stories of monsters, of our own soul often tormented by pain, suffering, shame or overwhelmed by desires such as the desire of power, control, do justice as it suits us. Only in this way will we find the path to light, through the understanding of the self.

    What do you think that you will see in the light of Jupiter/Zeus?

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